Not content at being just a wine shop and lounge bar, we’re also a gallery showcasing local artists.

We pick artwork from all over the West Country to display in our gallery. We look for new artists and talented people whose work we admire in a wide range of styles from classic to contemporary.

All the artwork is available to buy or you can relax and enjoy it over a glass of wine in our gallery.

We’re always on the lookout for new artists to work with. If you know a talented artist who would like to show their work at The Art of Wine then please do get in touch via our contact page.

Take a look at our up coming and past exhibitions:



Opening night 28th September, from 5:30 p.m. onwards. 

Please, come and enjoy a glass of fizz and some nibbles whilst you peruse our latest exhibition from local artist Andy Taylor.

Andy will be on hand for a chat and there will be a special price for art purchases made on the night.


Andrew Taylor's paintings are mainly abstract and influenced by the diversity of colours within his surroundings. Inspiration is drawn from the unique landscapes and beaches and painted in his own interpretation and vision, using acrylic on canvas for his larger pieces and on board for the smaller works.

Andrew also creates sculptures from wood washed up by the tides on various beaches in Devon and Cornwall. The wood is untreated, nor carved or altered, bar being joined together to draw the eye to the natural sculpting energy of the sea. 

His Inspirational creativity has lain dormant until recently. A chance meeting, an open door and a mutual love of the sea has stimulated and re-kindled a desire to explore both the world around and within him.

He is currently exhibiting at the driftwood hotel.


An exhibition of abstract art by Marc Hawkins.

From 6pm on Wednesday, August 17th.

 Striking art, fine wine and a relaxed atmosphere.



“Marc Hawkins is an abstract painter originally from Birmingham, UK, based in Cornwall since 2005. He incorporates various techniques and practices within his paintings and draws influence from artists such as John Hoyland, Howard Hodgkin and Gerhard Richter, to name a few. He is inspired by mood and feelings rather than things tangible and includes interpretations of nature, social observations, memories and past experiences, which he depicts through the use of strong vibrant compositions often tempered with darker, more sombre tones.“

Opening night for local artist Julieann Kinley 

6th of July from 5:30pm 


 Julieann's  passion for Art and Design begun in childhood. Although mainly self taught, she also studied at Falmouth Art College specialising in illustration and fashion.
Inspired mainly from wildlife and nature she has undertaken many commissions in graphite and charcoal of clients pets and African wildlife. Her work reaching as far as Australia. More recently texture and the strong use of colour has inspired a more abstract approach and much larger pieces on canvas. For the first time you are invited to share the diversity of her styles from her new collection at The Art of Wine Truro.



Robin Hunter will be exhibiting his interesting post impressionist work with us from the 19th of May until the 30th of June.

Please feel free to pop in and have a look.

Robin's work is mainly focused on landscapes and environmental issues and uses a variety of media including transfer mono print. 


Mary Clare de Pentheny was born in Devon (1967) surrounded by natural beauty. She is from a traditional, religious, political and close family. Mary Clare painted/drew in childhood usually about things she loved such as her dog and family.  School and family noticed she had a talent.  Initially she studied Creative Communication then Fashion and Design, realizing that fine art was what she wanted to do but she remained self taught.  Having trained in eclectic counseling and engaging in approximately five years of therapy during the training, she learnt about relationships and the human mind.  Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Eric Fromm were an influence.  

Mary Clare stopped creating using paints for many years and instead wrote poetry until she broke away from the restrains of unsuitable environments and thinking that suppressed her free spirit.  Her work does tell a story without any intentions of doing so; she describes it as the unconscious coming into consciousness often juxtaposing objects/ideas that show opposites such as: freedom/control, connecting/disconnecting, light and feelings/ shadow and denial, life/ loss, relationships in their many forms along with her ideals and cultural interests.